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Let's play with

photo By Ofek Birenbaum 

"I believe that with energetic tools
You can experience spaces of
freedom, well-being and prosperity "

 Hello Beautiful soul,

How wonderful that the energies of the universe guided you here to my magical site :)
I trust the miraculous and mysterious ways of the cosmos led you to the right place at the exact time
So... if you are already here and our paths crossed, I think that we 
should get to know each other:)

My DNA- Dana Michaeli

DNA activator, Energy channeling and private initiation sessions. Founder of DN”A- Derech Nochehut Hahavaya ( the path of soulful creation).

DN”A holds the incredible capabilities of seeing one’s hidden potentials and creating a path for prosperous, blessed and magical revelations.

Throughout the joint journey, I am able to help others recognize their own unique essence and become one with the soul and being that resides within.

My work playground space is the grand and masterful universe, a field of infinite possibilities, waiting to be revealed!

Along my path I’ve unlocked sacred doors to the magical energy of Dragons, Royal Gems, Access Consciousness, Intuitive Channeling energies and the Bee- energy.

I offer focused personal initiations and group sessions using a variety of approaches, which enables all to reach their maximum wellbeing, growth and abundance.

If you are feeling an inner calling, a voice coming from within, then I am inviting you to embark on a spectacular and magical journey into yourself.

How can we play together?


Dragons Workshop

Royal Gems Level 1 Course

Access Faclift course

Personal Initiation

Dragons Workshop


Let's play with Dragons

One day workshop (3.3-4 Hours) that will rock your life and make it more playful, intuitive, fun and magical.

Dragons are magnificent ancient creatures of magic, that have been here in the universe and planet earth since the beginning.

Their power is great and diverse, they will give you the knowledge and understanding to go far beyond 3rd dimension blocks and duality.

Ready for fearless adventure?

The Dragons invite you to go with them on an energetic ride and discover the world of magic and dragons.

All that is required of you is to come with open heart and pure intension to create harmony in your life journey.

Dragons are the best magical friends that you would want by your side. 

 Workshop price: 325$

Royal Gems Level 1 Course


Let's shift more colorful energy into our systems

Four days' course (2-2.5 hours every day) that will lift your life colors vibration system and empower your energy healing tools.

Royal Gems is a whole healing system that support your life with the qualities of gemstones.

The heart core of the gemstones contains colors and codes that would affect your mood, relationships & perception, they will boost your system to attract well-being, balance and harmony in your life journey.

Ready to learn super intelligence energy system?

Royal Gems 1 invites you to experience 13 unique gems vibrations that will support you on your healing path and allows you to manifest & create wellbeing and goodies every time that you will choose to practice with their energy.

If your heart core directed you here, probably it's your time to download and upgrade your magic systems tools.

Course price: 497$

Access Faclift course

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-17 at 19.43.26.jpeg

Let's allow our face & body to shine and be more youthful.

One-day course (7 hours) that will improve your face and body energy and reconnects you to the magical power that is in your hands to create dynamic process that allows you to feel better and look younger.

The Access Energetic FaceliftTM is a magnificent and easy technique that helps & give you a set of tools for changing beliefs system, patterns, perspectives and allowing you to create miracles that would rejuvenate and reverse the signs of aging from your face and throughout the entire body.

Faclifting is a gentle body process that will empower you to use the healing skills of touch to feel comfort and natural in your body, allowing your cells to celebrate life energy with ease and joy and reclaiming your natural beauty to glow and shine in the world.

Ready to get rid of the "mirror, mirror on the wall" and live your life without judgments? 

If you are willing to learn and receive facelift, you will get access to more than 30 energies that will run all over your face and body, and support you on a journey to release stories of traumas, dramas, conclusion and various judgments that you have collected in your life.

Course Price -450$

dana dragons 7_edited.jpg

Ofek Birenbaum 

Personal Initiation

Let's Open your core treasures and unleash your magic powers

One day (2-3 hours) personal initiation that will light your core and encourage you to take leap of action & faith to lead your life to the next level and beyond.

In comfortable indoor/outdoor place, we will meet to create a portal for your path. I will hold for you a sacred space, that will open doors of opportunity for you to shift, integrate & expand your consciousness and intuitive connections to earth and universe.

Our sacred playground will be "a buffet" of joyous tools and easy techniques, that will help you to shift blocks and patterns to harmonious wellbeing, awakening your divine intelligence to access the light libraries of the universe and transforms your light bodies to shine and glow.

Ready to rise up with your beautiful heart?

After the initiation you will be more centered and grounded, your intuitive skills will be your compass that will help you to lead your unique magical path in this life.

Let's check if it is the right time for you to private initiation.

Personal initiation price-330$


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